Alex Nel and Tammy Turck-Nel from Cederberg talk to
September 15, 2017
Brand new design for Cederberg Private Cellar’s flagship Five Generations Chenin Blanc and Cabernet Sauvignon
June 20, 2018
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Alex Nel the brewmaster at Cederberg explains more about Boggom and Voertsek

Known for their appearances in the work of C.Louis Leipoldt and later the music of David Kramer, Boggom and Voertsek were two nomads who lived life without limits and bowed to no rules but their own. Stricken with wanderlust and an unquenchable thirst, these two rogues traveled the barren plains of the Cederberg region. BOGGOM BLONDE ALE forms the more casual side of the duo with Boggom’s relaxed attitude making him the more approachable half of the iconic pair. VOERTSEK INDIA PALE ALE follows the mantra of living fast and dying young. Voertsek forms the wilder side of the legendary duo.

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