For years, families and friends have come together to enjoy our wines – either on the farm at the Cederberg Cellar or under the stars at Sanddrif, or in their own spaces all around the globe.

Now we have formed the Cederberg Circle – an inner circle of likeminded wine lovers – for those who know our wines, or still have that treat in store.

Here at Cederberg Wines our daily tasks closely follow the seasons, from winter when the vineyards rest and are pruned, to the first buds of spring; the berries filling out in the summer heat, leading to the harvest and the falling leaves of autumn.

To honour this cycle of life, members of the Cederberg Circle will receive a mystery box of wine at the start of each season, four times per calendar year. These wines (plus the occasional surprise) will be personally selected from the current Cederberg, Longaví and Ghost Corner ranges by winemaker and owner David Nieuwoudt and the Cederberg wine-making team. The contents of each box will reflect that particular season. It will always be a mystery, and always a delight.

Members of the Cederberg Circle will also enjoy other benefits, among others free wine tasting at the Cederberg Cellar (booking essential) and free delivery of any additional orders (see BENEFITS below).


We invite you to join the Cederberg Circle by subscribing to one of the membership options below. Members may choose to receive a box of 6, 12 or 18 bottles of wine per season (four times a year).
Follow the sign-up process, providing your details, shipping address and add payment method. Please read through
the FAQ .


Spring: September
Summer: December
Autumn: March
Winter: June


Please Note: The next Cederberg Circle Shipment is November 2021




per shipment

4 times a year



R1 700

per shipment

4 times a year



R2 450

per shipment

4 times a year


In addition to the four shipments per year, members of the Cederberg Circle are also entitled to the following:

A welcoming gift

for new members with the first shipment

A birthday voucher

to celebrate your special day

Free delivery

of all orders in-between shipments – minimum order of 6 bottles

Free wine tasting

at the Cederberg Cellar with a winemaker, if pre-booked

Contact The Cederberg Circle

The Cederberg Circle is managed by Pieter du Toit. Pieter can be reached via email at or via WhatsApp text message 0607278205



Will I be informed that my delivery is on its way?

At the beginning of each season – Spring, Summer, Winter and Autumn – a text message will be sent to members who have enrolled to notify them that their shipment is on the way. The shipment will be delivered to the address you provided when you enrolled. You will also receive an email to notify you that your wine is on the way.

I live on a remote farm in the Northern Cape. Will you be able to deliver my boxes to me?

Cederberg Wines uses a courier service that is able to deliver to all parts of South Africa.


How long does my membership last once I have become a member of the Cederberg Circle?

Membership lasts indefinitely until a member indicates that they no longer want to be part of the Cederberg Circle.

What are the cut-off dates for subscription and ordering for a particular season?

The Spring Box will be shipped in September, the Summer Box in December, the Autumn Box in March and the Winter Box in June. Members are requested to subscribe no later than 5 days before the beginning of the new season and shipping cycle.

Subscribe by:

25 August for the Spring Box
25 November for the Summer Box
24 February for the Autumn Box
26 May for the Winter Box

Can I upgrade or change my membership?

Yes. You can do this by contacting Pieter at

Can I cancel my membership?

Members may cancel their subscriptions once they have received a minimum of two shipments. Cancellations can be made in writing and sent to: Pieter will then remove your details from the system. Alternatively, you can log into your Cederberg Wines account and cancel your subscription on the dashboard.


Can I track my delivery?

Yes. Globe Flight is the appointed national courier to make our deliveries. Once your wines are on the way, you will be notified via text message.

What do I do if a bottle of wine was broken in transit?

The couriers appointed to do the shipments specialise in transporting fragile items and transport wine daily. If any product arrives damaged, please report it immediately. A new product will then be dispatched.

How do I place an ‘in-between’ order?

You can order via our online wine shop here or email Pieter at

Can non-member order a one-off box?

No. The boxes are exclusively available to members.

What is the returns policy?

Should you receive a delivery that you are dissatisfied with, please contact Pieter at to discuss your concern. Click here for our Terms & Conditions


How do I make payment?

Your payment will be processed on your Cederberg Wines account. Once you enter your credit card details, your payment will be processed with your permission via Pay Gate. Before each seasonal box is dispatched, you will receive a payment reminder requesting permission to debit your account.

Are there any costs when I sign up?

Yes, the cost is R1. This R1 transaction is needed to assign a ‘token’ to your debit or credit card. This process is called the ‘tokenisation’ of a card and is required by PayGate, the payment gateway we use. The ‘token’ is a unique code assigned to the card. This code, instead of the card number, is used to process future transactions. It is a safe process and used by many institutions and companies for recurring online payments. Read more about PayGate here.

PayGate uses PayVault to store their clients’ card details in PayGate’s PCI DSS Level 1 database. Read more about PayVault here.

Are my debit or credit card details safe?

Yes. Cederberg Circle does not keep your card details. When you join, your card is ‘tokenised’ by a R1 joining transaction. This means a unique code, called a ‘token’, is assigned to your card. This code – not your card number – will be used for future transactions. PayGate, the payment gateway we use, will store your card details in PayVault. Read more about PayVault here.

Can I change my payment details?

Yes. You can do this by logging into your Cederberg Wines account. If we notice that your payment has bounced, we will contact you. You are also welcome to contact Pieter at with any queries about payment.

Will I be reminded that my membership fee for the next season is due, or will the fee be debited automatically?

A reminder will be sent to your email address two weeks before your payment for your next seasonal box is due. A follow-up email will be sent two days before the payment is due. An additional email will be sent to notify you that your wine is on the way.

Will I receive a tax invoice for my order?

A detailed payment confirmation will be sent to you via Pay Gate when you make payment. Should you require an actual invoice, you can email Pieter at