The Cederberg Shiraz Festival

A Shiraz celebration across 7 different locations.
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The number seven, which signifies completeness and perfection, features prominently at this year’s The Cederberg Shiraz Festival as Cederberg Wines will be hosting seven events in seven days at seven venues. Each event will be an incredible and unique experience showcasing this noble variety. Book your seat and join the celebration of Shiraz.

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Get the full scope of the Shiraz Festival, including the different venues, dates, and activities that will make this event one for the books!

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Preview the exceptionally crafted wines you'll enjoy during this nationwide appreciation of Shiraz in all its intense and flavourful glory.

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Our team will be painting South Africa red as they bring the good news and taste of Shiraz to 7 beautiful venues.

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Shiraz Facts

Shiraz wine (also known as Syrah) is made from the Shiraz grape, a robust variety noted for its affinity for hot and dry climates. Originally grown in France, Shiraz is the second-largest planted red variety in South Africa. As a wine, Shiraz is very full-bodied, with a high acidity that makes it pair splendidly with various meats, including venison, beef and lamb.