A Symbiotic Relationship

Established in 2004 and based in the Western Cape, the Cape Leopard Trust (CLT) facilitates and promotes the conservation of biological diversity, with a focus on the leopard as a flagship species.

The leopard is the last big predator and last member of the Big 5 to still roam free in the Western Cape. The species faces multiple threats, including limited and fragmented habitat, reduction in prey numbers and high levels of conflict with people. The leopard is an umbrella species for wider biodiversity conservation. This means that conservation efforts focused on the long-term survival of leopard populations (which includes their habitat and prey species) also benefit other species and ecosystem processes.

Cederberg Wines is a long-time supporter of the CLT and its research and conservation work in the area. This support culminated in a strong brand collaboration and partnership in 2019, when Cederberg Wines hosted the CLT’s 15-year birthday celebration. This relationship also extends to Cederberg Brewery as well as Sanddrif Resort, which grants the CLT access to the Rietgat campsite at a subsidised rate, enabling them to conduct environmental education camps and give groups of children an immersive wilderness experience.

The CLT regards Cederberg Wines as a highly valued partner, always willing to support their events and collaborate on projects.

“We hope to continue building on this partnership and are honoured to form part of Cederberg Wines’ sustainability agenda and environmental commitment to support leopard conservation and care for Cederberg biodiversity in general,” comments Jeannie Hayward, Communications & Media Manager.

“The partnership between Cederberg Wines and the CLT is a symbiotic one – since good winemaking depends on a healthy environment – so it’s to everyone’s benefit to make sure that nature is protected,” concludes Helen Turnbull, CEO.

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