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A Passionate Team With Premium Standards

Fifth-generation owner and Cellar Master David Nieuwoudt leads a talented 'team with attitude' to produce award-winning wines from our high-lying vineyards that flourish in a pure, virus-free environment. In the spirit of collaboration, each team member contributes the passion and expertise that produce Cederberg Wine's exceptional portfolio of premium wine ranges.

Whatever your preference, Cederberg Wines offers you a world of award-winning wines waiting for you to savour and enjoy, no matter the occasion.

Cederberg - Wines With Altitude

The History Of Cederberg Wines


Unique Terroir And The Purest Water

Cederberg Wines is situated in a unique climatic zone that can be described as a cool Mediterranean climate rather than a maritime or coastal one. Furthermore, the farm Dwarsrivier is located at the foot of Sneeuberg Mountain, one of the highest peaks in the Western Cape at 2 026 m above sea level. Cederberg Wines, thus, lays claim to having the highest vineyards in the Western Cape at between 950 and 1 100 m above sea level.

The soil types are well-drained on weathered shale/slate on the hillsides and high mountain slopes, with a higher clay content well suited to red cultivars. From the yellow-brown soil of granitic origin to the lightly structured soil with sandstone, Cederberg Wine's soil types belong to the Bokkeveld and Witteberg groups.


Growing For Future Generations

In the spirit of the Khoisan, the original environmentalists who once lived here in harmony with the land and the cycles of nature, conservation is fundamental, and Cederberg Wines is a committed WWF Conservation Champion.

Only about 300 hectares is used for farming, the holiday resort and staff housing, with the rest of this unspoilt land placed under CapeNature's care – with 5 200 hectares under conservation.

Cederberg farms sustainably, and because this isolated area is virus-free and has minimal disease, there's little to no chemical intervention. The farm also forms part of the Greater Cederberg Biodiversity Corridor (GCBC) between the West Coast and the Tankwa Karoo.


The Cederberg Wine Tasting Room


The Cederberg Team

The Cederberg Wine's team comprises individuals who are passionate about winemaking excellence. Under the leadership of David Nieuwoudt, our talented 'team with attitude' combine their skills, minds and hearts to ensure each one of our premium wines is an experience worth enjoying.


Social Responsibility and Conservation Initiatives

We care about people, and we care about the environment. But most of all, we care about how responsibly we, as people, interact with the pristine Cederberg Wilderness around us.

Cederberg Wines is involved in several social responsibility and conservation initiatives to ensure that the winery and its people leave a sustainable legacy for future generations. Since 1 July 2015, we have been supporting the following three projects:

World Wildlife Fund for Nature > Waitrose Foundation > The Pebbles Project >


Cederberg’s Circle of Wine


A Symbiotic Relationship


A Cellar Taking Its Cue From Nature