Introducing the Ghost Corner Syrah 2020

The extreme and mysterious landscape at the southernmost tip of Africa has been the inspiration for the Ghost Corner range of wines. More than 130 ships have found their last resting place in these treacherous waters, where compass readings show no deviation between magnetic and true north, and navigation was just about impossible on dark and stormy nights.

Now the first Syrah in the range from the challenging but rewarding 2020 vintage will take you on a sensory journey. This wine, with its distinctive white pepper undertones, evokes the bygone days of the trade route, when sailing ships carried treasured goods such as spices and porcelain from the East to the West.

The wine elegantly pays homage to its roots anchored in the rugged terroir of the Elim ward just inland from the dramatic coastline. Garnet-ruby colour, this Syrah reflects its cooler climate terroir both in colour and composition. Ripe plum and Maraschino cherries on the nose are backed by savoury black olive, herbal notes of rosemary and origanum, and a distinctive, spicy white pepper edge. This Syrah – the name by which this wine identifies that it is more European in style –eloquently reflects the extreme site where this vineyard is situated. Medium-bodied, refreshing and beautifully elegant with refined tannins, this well-crafted wine will drink optimally after four to eight years. When it comes to food pairing, this Syrah partners perfectly with freshly caught game fish cooked over hot coals; a slow-braised oxtail or venison cooked in red wine and sherry; or a charcuterie platter with salami, Parma ham, pork rillettes and tapenade. It is also a good match for Italian minestrone soup with grated Parmesan cheese or a creamy risotto with wild mushrooms and any aged, hard cheeses such as Boerenkaas, mature Gouda or two-year-old Asiago.

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